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Sadie, the official greeter at Spring Valley Nurseries was a rescue dog and arrived on September 11, 2010 at 10 months of age. She is big but gentle giant and loves everyone, especially kids.
Spring Valley Nursery Think Spring!   Now is a great time to start planning for spring planting season. It won't be long before days get longer and temperatures rise, so with a plan in hand, planting time will go more smoothly.

Spring Valley Nurseries carries a large selection of trees and shrubs for all your landscaping needs. New stock arriving daily.

We have all the tools and supplies you need for spring cleanup and installation.

We're potting up annuals and perennials in preparation for the warmer weather ahead.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Do You Guarantee Your Plants?
Yes. We offer a one year, one time 100% guarantee on all nursery stock not left or planted in a container. Perennials, annuals, roses, and tropicals are not guaranteed. For more info see our: ~ Plant Replacement Guarantee Policy ~
Do You Deliver?
Yes. There is a $25.00 fee for local delivery. Outside the local area the fee is determined by distance.
Do You Carry Bulk Mulch?
Yes. We carry Triple Ground Mulch, Triple Ground with Mushroom Soil, and Mushroom Soil. There is a One Yard minumum required for delivery. To determine how much you'll need you can use this helpful Garden Calculator from
What is the Proper Way to Apply Mulch?
With mulch, more is not always better! 2 or 3 inches of mulch are as much as needed to retain moisture and discourage weeds. Using a pre-emergent weed control under the mulch also help immensely with the weed issue. For more info, see our Mulching Tips.
Do You Provide Landscaping Services?
Yes! For those who love "Do It Yourself" projects we can provide consultation free at the nursery. If you can provide pictures and measurements we can do a rough drawing and select the plants for your project that day. We also offer comprehensive landscape project planning. See ~ Landscape Services ~